Hello world!


I am a former Army battalion surgeon turned freelance author who writes under the nom de plume of Leonardo Antony Noto. My first novel, “The Life of a Colonial Fugitive,” is an historical thriller based in the American Revolution that I wrote while on deployment to Iraq. My second novel is a dark medical thriller entitled, “The Cannabinoid Hypothesis,” that explores the life of a streetkid who becomes a neurosurgeon, taking the world by storm with his invention of an implantable medical device for the palliation of schizophrenia. But the good doctor is now accused of an unspeakable crime and he is being pursued by a team of former Delta Force operators!

I began writing in high school as a form of self-counseling for a child abuse-induced case of PTSD, which I overcame (at least somewhat), attending medical school and serving my country in Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division. My hobbies include playing the guitar, amateur Thai boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and spending time with my pet bulldog, who is 5 months old!

After great thought, I have decided to give up the practice of medicine to concentrate on my writing, which is my true passion. I am planning to release three more books this year, all of which are currently >50% completed. The first is a memoir about overcoming child abuse and PTSD entitled “Intrusive Memory,” which I plan to release in July 2012. My second work-in-progress is “Three Years in the Army: A Doctor’s Journey in the Green Uniform,” a book exploring postgraduate medical training and life as a military physician in the airborne and overseas. My third work-in-progress is a novel about streetgangs, “Lords and Disciples,” which is set in Memphis, TN, the city where I spent much of my childhood.

I am also researching two other planned novels, both of which I hope to release in 2013. I pride myself on my detailed research and I never write about anything that I haven’t spent at least a year researching. I also generally visit locations, even foreign ones, at least once before I write about them, which I believe greatly aids the accuracy my writing (and it’s fun too!).

Best Wishes,

Leonardo Antony Noto